Sport stands selling

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Our sport stands for sale comply with Polish and European standards.

Seats are certified: slow- burning tests, toxicity and stress-tests accordance with standards: PN-EN 1021-1:2014; PN-EN 1021-2:2014; PN-B-02855:1988; PN-EN 12727:2004.

Metal elements are cooper galvanize accordance with standard PN-EN ISO 1461 and certificate nr. I2017Q16657 given by IFO GmbH- zinc elements comply requirements EN 1090.
There are bars and platforms on our dais which are Cooper galvanize. They are accomplish accordance with standard DIN 24537 and 24531. They have got zinc coat accordance with standard EN ISO 1461.
Platforms bars are support by zinc sheet metal accordance with standard EN 10204-2.2.

Audience construction allow hight regulation to assure levelling audience on askew areas and it gives opportunity to locate it on grass areas with small inequality of grounds. Individual audience modules are connected completeness by elements join without strews. All elements are personalize so every elements are bring by one person. Sport stands are made from typical elements and you can develop them.
Audience construction don’t stop the water when it is raining. Audience construction prevent hoarding sand, water and little rubbish. Audience construction has other steps (fulfill chinks between seats and floor)its prevent falling things under the audience. Stands audience is adapt to multiple assembly and disassembly.
Sport stands accordance with standard PN-EN 13200